At GCPTHS, we take pride in being at the forefront of excellence in pharmaceutical education and healthcare sciences.

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Gujranwala College of Pharmacy Technician and Health Sciences!

At GCPTHS, we take pride in being at the forefront of excellence in pharmaceutical education and healthcare sciences. Established with a vision to nurture the next generation of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, our institution stands as a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and dedication.

Affiliated with Punjab Medical Faculty@@Pharmacy Council of Pakistan @@Punjab Pharmacy Council

Punjab Pharmacy Council

The Punjab Pharmacy Council (PPC) is a statutory body in Pakistan responsible for regulating pharmacy practice in the Punjab province. It registers pharmacists, conducts qualifying examinations, and ensures adherence to professional ethics and standards.

Punjab Medical Faculty

The Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF) is a regulatory body in Pakistan that oversees the accreditation and certification of medical and healthcare professionals in Punjab province.

Pharmacy Council of Pakistan

The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP) is a regulatory authority overseeing pharmacy education and practice nationwide. It establishes standards for pharmacy education, registers pharmacists and pharmacies, and ensures compliance with ethical and professional guidelines.
Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy technician + Category-B Course

Embark on a holistic journey in pharmaceutical care with our combined Pharmacy Technician and Category-B course. From foundational skills to advanced concepts, master the intricacies of pharmacy practice. Learn to assist pharmacists, manage medications, and elevate your expertise with advanced pharmaceutical concepts, regulations, and practices. Prepare yourself for a pivotal role in the healthcare ecosystem with this comprehensive and integrated program.
Paramedics Courses

Paramedics and Healthcare Courses:

Medical Lab Technician

Join the forefront of medical diagnostics as a Medical Lab Technician. Gain experience in laboratory procedures, tests that contribute to accurate disease.
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Embrace a vital role in healthcare by becoming a Dispenser. Learn the art of accurate medication dispensing, ensuring patients receive the right prescriptions with care and precision.
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Operation Theater Technology

Explore the dynamic world of surgical procedures with our Operation Theater Technology course. Acquire the skills to assist in surgeries.
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Lady Health Visitor (LHV)

Learn to provide essential healthcare services, focusing on maternal and child health, family planning, and community health. Become a dedicated advocate for women's.
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Dental Technician

Dive into the science of dental care as a Dental Technician. Acquire expertise in creating, managing dental materials, and playing a crucial role in oral health.
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Radiography & Image Technology

Learn to operate radiographic equipment, capture diagnostic images, and contribute to the visualization of health conditi
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Our Events

Immerse yourself in a world of interactive learning and community engagement through our Events. From symposiums that bridge theory and practice to expos unveiling the future of pharmaceuticals, explore how we bring education to life.

Health and Wellness Fair
Elevate your understanding of a healthy lifestyle and take steps towards a happier, healthier you. Join us for health screenings and expert consultations.
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Pharmacy Career Expo
Uncover the future of the pharmaceuticals! Join industry leaders, researchers, and educators to explore the latest advancements, & technologies
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Health Leadership Forum
Health Leaders Forum is a unique opportunity for individuals interested in healthcare leadership to connect with seasoned professionals.
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